Throwback Shoulder Workout with James Grage and Whitney Reid -

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This shoulder workout is a throwback to the good old days. There are no fancy machines or complex equipment in this routine—just barbells, dumbbells, and your own dedicated focus and effort.

If you grew up in a gym like the ones James Grage and Whitney Reid did, you didn’t see many people, machines, or cell phones. You definitely did not spend any time composing a selfie. The equipment was minimal and the space was limited, but the blue-collar work ethic was there in abundance.

“In my opinion, it’s work ethic that makes you successful in the gym,” says James. “Everybody wants fast and easy. They want the fast and easy nutrition plan and the fast and easy workout. Well, there is no fast and easy. Building a great physique takes time and patience.”

James and Whitney work out together because they share that common belief. “You know, it’s real simple,” says James. “You come in here and you work hard. You work your ass off.”

That’s just what James and Whitney do when they train. They push each other to be better and stronger than they were the day before.

In this workout, James and Whitney get back to their old-school roots and hit their shoulders with an intense high-volume session. Step into the gym to watch them train in the video below, and then hit this hardcore shoulder smasher yourself.

Take note: this workout isn’t meant to be done every week. Do it just once per month and reap the mega-pump benefits.


“Shoulders and traps are one of those body parts that no one wants to train because there’s nothing exciting about [them],” says James. “It’s the coast day. But shoulder day is the day that you should go in and just kill it because nothing will make you look bigger than having big shoulders and traps. You can wear a sweatshirt and still look big if you have big shoulders and traps.”

There’s no better motivation than that! If you want to look big, then you need some boulder shoulders.

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