Top 2 Hip Mobility Drills (ELITE ATHLETES DO THESE!)

Unlock your hips and unleash your inner athlete! Complete program

Having full joint mobility is crucial for maximizing the muscle gains and strength you train for in the gym. The two biggest examples of this can be seen with squats and deadlifts. Lacking the proper hip mobility on either of these two exercises is either going to leave you injured or with inadequate development (neither of which are good!)

In this video, I show you two of the quickest hip mobility drills you can do anywhere with literally no equipment. All you need is a target to squat to and below. The hurdle under and over shown here is performed by virtually every single elite athlete as part of their dynamic warmup routine.

You can easily start incorporating these drills into your leg workout to serve as a great warm up for your hips and legs. You will find that doing these just a few times will unlock your hips and help you get to the bottom of your squats and deadlifts much easier.

Performing 10 reps of each of these hip mobilization exercises on each leg will allow you to feel more free the next time you step under that bar to do your squats or over the bar to do your deadlifts.

As a physical therapist, it’s these types of mobility drills that I feel often go overlooked in the complete strength and conditioning program. Guys looking to build muscle and get stronger will often forget to work on the joints that are attached to that muscle, and in the process, hold back the muscle and strength gains that they can be seeing.

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