Top 4 Home Bodyweight Workout Mistakes!!

How to Workout At Home with No Equipment (Bodyweight Only)

There is no doubt that working out at home is one of the most convenient ways to work out. But does it give you the best muscle building results? With the right home bodyweight workout, and by avoiding the biggest mistakes, you can definitely see fast muscle growth and fat loss.

In this video, I cover what I feel are the four biggest blunders being made by those that choose to work out at home. These are:

1. Overlooking your surroundings. Lots of guys will do bodyweight home workouts and totally ignore the challenging exercises they can be doing by using the things around them. For example, counter top rows and dips, stair pushups, and more.

2. Ignoring the back. Too many guys forget to pay attention to their back muscles in favor of the more often seen abs, chest and arms. This is especially true when working out at home. See some of the example bodyweight exercises you can be doing to fix this.

3. Picking the wrong room to train in. When you do bodyweight home workouts the tendency is there to work out in front of the television. In order to generate the needed intensity to see muscle growth, I recommend switching your environment to one that is different from the one you lounge in. It’s a mental thing!

4. Repeating the same workouts over and over – This is called the DVD workout phenomenon. I’ve definitely mentioned this before but it’s so true. Most guys don’t see long term results (especially muscle building results) with DVD workouts because they quickly hit their plateaus and stop progressing. Programming needs to include ways for you to push beyond your previous limits every time you do the workout and bodyweight exercises (ideally with constantly changing workouts). These types of workouts definitely are not shortcuts to six pack abs. Often, they are the long redundant road to nowhere.

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