Top 5 Bodyweight Exercise MISTAKES - (STOP Doing These - Build Muscle!!)

Where bodyweight training equals beast training –

People that say you can’t build muscle with bodyweight exercises are either not using the right exercises or are using the wrong bodyweight workout. In this video, I’ll show you 5 of the biggest mistakes you can make with bodyweight training and exercises and more importantly, how you can fix them.

In order for a bodyweight exercise to be effective at building muscle it has to be able to create an overload on the muscles that are being worked. All too often, people will do insanity or other body weight exercises for high reps and get nothing more than a good burn out of them. That said, in order to put on muscle mass you need to follow the principle of muscle overload. Just like when using equipment and weights, you need to push yourself both to and through failure.

Also, people often think that the only way to put on muscle is by using weights for resistance. That is simply not true. In fact, your muscles do not know whether you are using barbells, dumbbells, cables, bands or just your own bodyweight. All they know is resistance! Bodyweight is resistance, and used properly can be way more than an adequate stimulus for building muscle.

Next, guys forget that the amount of work done in a bodyweight workout is determined by the weight that you are using and the distance that it moves! Realizing that your bodyweight won’t change during a workout, the only thing you can do to make the exercise harder is to make the distance longer. You can do this through things like one and a half reps, as shown in this video.

You can also put on more muscle with bodyweight exercises and workouts by eliminating the momentum from your movements. By simply pausing at the bottom of each rep, you force your muscles to have to generate all the force required to move your own bodyweight without relying on the elastic momentum you would normally get through weighted exercises.

As you can see, it’s definitely possible to build muscle with bodyweight workouts and exercises. In this video, I just showed you how to build muscle with bodyweight exercises that you can now apply to any of the best body weight exercises. For a complete workout program to get you athletic, ripped muscle be sure to head to and get either the ATHLEAN-X workout program or the ATHLEAN Xero bodyweight only program.

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