Total-Body Dumbbell Fix | Program Overview

Each workout requires only a single set of dumbbells and a small area. It’s the perfect solution for working out at home, while traveling, or when the gym is packed and equipment is taken.
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We’ve all been there: You need to get your workout in, but something comes up. Maybe you’re short on time, you don’t have the equipment you need, the gym is packed, or you can’t even get to the gym. Maybe you don’t even belong to one, but you don’t want that to limit your options.

As the best coaches know, fitness is all about consistency. When skipping a workout just isn’t an option, reach for any of the five Total-Body Dumbbell Fix routines and trust you’re doing quality work that’ll bring you closer to your goals. Or stitch together several of the workouts into a full-fledged program to fit workout schedules of three, four, or five days.

Here’s everything you need to know to make The Total-Body Dumbbell Fix work for you.

| Meet Your Workout Solution |
What prevents many of us from getting a great workout is either lack of equipment, lack of instruction, or lack of space. The Total-Body Dumbbell Fix solves each of these problems by providing real-time instruction in a small space with only a single pair of dumbbells. Here’s what sets this program apart:

Quick Workouts: Each of these workouts gets a lot of work done in a little time. You can be in and out in as little as 20 minutes, or if you have time and energy to spare, you can do another round or two and stretch it out to half an hour.

Intervals, Not Reps: Each workout uses timed intervals instead of traditional sets and reps, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the workout to suit your individual level and specific fitness goals. If you’re craving a sweat, dial up the speed. If you want to make your muscles work—and grow—dial it down.

Adaptability: Choose heavier weights and lower reps to build muscle and increase strength, or lighter weight and higher reps to burn calories and improve endurance.

Follow-Along, Real-Time Instruction: In each workout, you’ll train alongside NASM-certified personal trainer and Spokesmodel finalist Rickey Jasper II. He’ll push himself—and you—through each of the five quick-but-grueling workouts, providing helpful tips and encouragement every step of the way!

Single-Use Workouts, or A Full Program: Use any of the five Total-Body Dumbbell Fix workouts when you need a last-minute workout, or combine all of them together as an effective and comprehensive multi-day routine. Although any of the workouts can be scaled to fit your needs, each has a specific goal in mind to help you select the perfect workout for you.


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