Train with Neil Hill Y3T Back & Biceps -

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Flex Lewis didn’t get to the top of the podium by leaving stones unturned. He hits every workout with maximum force. He lifts heavy, works hard, and trains beyond failure.

With the help of Neil Hill, Flex has turned his back into a mountainous landscape. His biceps are bigger than pythons. Think you can keep up with the big boys?

When it comes to Y3T, stretching is the difference between muscle growth and calling a workout early. Flex Lewis and Neil Hill have advocated for many years that stretching between sets opens up the fascia to allow more oxygen and nutrients into the working muscle.

This has allowed Flex to grow muscle injury-free. Most people neglect stretching and fail to realize that serious muscle gains come from proper stretching, even if it’s only 10 minutes before and after training.

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