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Football combines the best and worst of our nation, the impactful violence balanced by emotion, ability and teamwork. The skills and lessons gained from the gridiron help define many a man..

Vinny Russo, a 25-years-old physique competitor, lives a sports life. He played linebacker in high school and college, and now that he’s done playing, he relays his knowledge to the next generation of gridiron athletes.
In his football days, Vinny wasn’t so concerned with health and nutrition. He tutored in the gym under his father learning basic lifts, but mainly he was trying to pack on muscle to smash tailbacks into the dust.
“I wanted to be a meat fridge,” Vinny says. “I didn’t know a lot about nutrition, so I was a meat fridge with power and speed, but not that much definition.
“I’ve been doing it so long, it’s just a part of me. If I were to not train, I’d feel like I was cheating myself. It’s a competitive nature. It drives me.”

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