Training With Joint & Muscle Soreness and Injuries (GOOD OR BAD IDEA?)

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Most people that work out do so in pain or with muscle soreness at one point or another. It’s inevitable if you’re lifting hard and heavy that you are going to get muscle soreness. In fact, muscle soreness in the form of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a good thing. It helps to set the stage for muscle repair and growth.

That said, soreness that lingers for so long that it impacts the quality of your subsequent workouts or begins to spreads to your joints and ligaments can be a very bad thing. Most gym related injuries are chronic in nature. Besides the occasional acute injury that occurs from an accident, injuries from working out come from overuse and under recovery.

The decision on whether to keep working out with soreness or injury is a key one as it will either set you back more if done improperly, or help you to begin your recovery. The first recommendation I give is to decrease the weights that you are using so that you can allow the muscles that are supposed to be doing the work actually do their job. Compensation that occurs when an injured joint or sore muscle tries to lift something it isn’t capable of will often aggravate the issue.

If you can lift the weight with good form and without discomfort, then you will definitely want to continue to train to help you build your muscles up to better handle the issue in the future. Over time, your muscles will get stronger and your joint mechanics will be proper to prevent the recurrence of the injury.

If for some reason you cannot lift the weight with proper form, then you are asking for a ride on the cycle of pain. This pain cycle starts with pain from working out. During the lift the person in pain will likely alter their joint mechanics to shift the force away from what’s causing the pain. From here, the intended muscle does less work than it should. This causes a weakness and eventual muscle atrophy. Along with the weakness and compromised strength comes a joint compromise as well. Joints ill equipped to handle the loads wind up getting asked to do too much and they too begin to get injured, further contributing to an already messy situation.

If you want to break the cycle of pain so you can work out at your best, you may need to start exploring safe joint supplements. The ATHLEAN-Rx MECHAN-X joint supplement is an all natural weapon in your training arsenal that can help you relieve your sore muscles and joints when working out to get you seeing your best results from every workout. Stop compromising your lifts and see your true potential by training without pain.

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