Tricep and Biceps Workout - "All-Out ARM WORKOUT Assault"

Build Bigger Arms:

Arms in need of a boost as we head into the New Year? Hit them with this crazy arm workout and see those shirt sleeves start to stretch as your biceps and triceps muscles build. With just two simple exercises that anybody can do at home, you can start builing attention grabbing arms, regardless of how difficult you thought it was to add inches to your biceps and triceps before!

Celebrity fitness trainer and Men’s Fitness writer Jeff Cavaliere takes you through an intense arm-blasting workout that will add size to both your biceps and triceps while taking only 20 mintues or less to complete. Start building arms that fill up your t-shirts and make others stand up and take notice of you as soon as you walk into a room!

Usher in the year 2010 with a unique rep combo circuit workout that will blow up your biceps and shred your triceps like nothing you’ ve tried before. You’ll be performing 20 reps and 10 reps to failure for both biceps curls and bench dips. Yeah…nothing fancy, but trust me…the results speak for themselves. Stubborn hardgainers lament no more. It’s time to take your fitness to the neXt level. Welcome to the AthLEAN-X Training System!

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