Tricep Workout Finisher!! (WORKS EVERY TIME)

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If you want to build bigger triceps, then you better attack your tricep workouts with your best effort. Tricep finishing movements are a great way to ensure you bring your best to every tricep workout and leave nothing left in the tank. In this video, I show you a triceps exercise combo that you can do at the end of your normal triceps workout to push you into the overload needed to grow.

The combo requires just a pair of dumbbells and an incline bench and takes just a couple of minutes to perform. The first exercise up is the dumbbell triceps kickback. This exercise is performed face down using the heaviest weights you can use for 10-12 reps. This weight will be the limiting factor in how much weight you can use, as you need to keep these dumbbells for the rest of your triceps finisher exercise.

As soon as you reach failure on this first triceps exercise, you’ll immediately position yourself for the dumbbell incline triceps extensions. Here again, you are to perform as many reps as you can until your tris are on fire and you feel as if you’ve had enough. But guess what? You are only half way through your tricep workout finishing combo.

The next exercise is the elbows tucked dumbbell bench press. This exercise is a french press variation that will keep pushing your triceps workout into the realm of overload while enlisting some additional help from the chest and deltoids to keep the pain coming. Rep out as many as you can until your arms feel as if they are going to drop on the floor with the dumbbells.

Still not done yet however. It’s time to take it to the floor and perform one final bodyweight triceps exercises – the cobra pushups. This push up variation places the brunt of the load on the tris while minimizing the contribution of the chest. See how many reps you can get until your tricep muscles are just not able to give you anything else. The pump you should feel at the end of this tricep workout finisher should be one of the biggest you’ve ever felt.

It’s workout techniques like this that take an average tricep workout and make it not only amazing, but much more capable of providing results. Most of the time, the average lifter will stop shortly after perceiving a discomfort during an exercise. This simply isn’t enough of a stimulus to give your triceps reason to grow any larger or come back any stronger. In order to force change in a muscle like the tris you need to challenge them. This is just one example of how to do that at the end of your tricep workouts.

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