Triceps Workout - 200 Reps (CAVALIERE VS. CT FLETCHER!)

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Surprise! Bet you never thought you’d see a triceps workout video with both Jeff Cavaliere and CT Fletcher in it did you? Turns out, these two guys have one very important similarity in their training approaches and that is…you can’t change yourself if you don’t challenge yourself. This tricep workout is just one example of how hard work trumps time spent in the gym every single time.

Spending hours at the gym and thinking that is going to get you the physique you want means nothing if your effort level and intensity are sorely lacking. You are far better off busting your ass for less time when you are in pursuit of better gains in both strength and size. This tricep workout gauntlet as CT calls it, demonstrates how just 200 reps can push you to your limits if you are willing to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

This one workout technique is used to test your will and your desire to succeed. Sure, it’s easy to give in when the weight feels too heavy to lift but that is exactly the point at which you have to dig deep and reach for that extra intensity and heart that doesn’t allow you to quit. In the gauntlet, you are forced to lift your most challenging weights two times. Once, when you are at your freshest and again when you are at your perceived limits.

To perform the tricep workout gauntlet, set up 5 pairs of dumbbells (we started with 40lbs in this video) in descending weight in a row on the floor. You lay down on the ground and grab your first pair of dumbbells and perform 20 triceps extensions. Immediately, without resting, grab the next lightest pair of dumbbells (35lbs) and perform another 20 reps. Keep moving down the line of dumbbells performing 20 reps at each station until you have completed 100 total reps.

At this point, your work is far from done. In order to finish the gauntlet, you have to work your way back up it! Starting with your lightest pair of dumbbells, perform 20 reps once again and immediately proceed to do the same with each of the increasingly heavier pair of dumbbells until you finish your last set with the weight you started with.

I’m not going to lie, this triceps workout toasted my tris and pushed me to my limits. CT made it look a hell of a lot easier than I did and that speaks a lot to this man’s ability to push himself beyond the limits of what most men would think possible. Having now trained with him, I can say that his will to succeed is stronger than any I’ve ever seen before (and I’ve worked with some of the best athletes in the world). Throw in the fact that this man is 56 years old and I can only marvel even more at the display. Truly a man living out his magnificent obsession every time he steps foot around the iron.

Some think that because of our stances on “overtraining” that we’d never be able to see eye to eye on training. Not at all. Turns out, when it comes down to it CT and I preach the same thing. And that is, never use your unwillingness to work hard as an excuse for not working hard! Overtraining, the extreme physiological / nervous system syndrome, is real and must be avoided if you want to excel in either the gym or on the field or octagon. Using the word as a cop out for working your ass off however is the definition of lazy and will surely limit the gains you can see from your training.

At ATHLEAN-X, we trade in workout length for intensity at every opportunity. We push you to and through your limits every time we hit the gym and then allow your body to recover so you can come back a bigger, badder, stronger version of yourself the next time you train. You can get the complete program at and start training like an athlete today.

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