Triceps Workout Mistakes - The 7 Sins of Tricep Training!

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We all have probably heard that the triceps occupies two thirds of the muscle mass of the upper arm, but if your triceps workouts are filled with the classic tricep workout mistakes then filling up that sleeve is going to be pretty difficult! I put together this video showcasing what I feel are the 7 Sins of Tricep Training to help you to not only identify these tricep workout mistakes but more importantly…to fix them!

From the way you position the bar during a set of nosebreakers to the choice of a barbell or dumbbells during the close grip bench press, to even the omission of some pretty incredible triceps exercises from your workout thinking that they couldn’t get the job done of building muscle (big mistake), I’m going to cover each one in depth and help you get more out of your training. Mr. Ed would be jealous of those horseshoes!

So what is the problem with making a mistake here and there when working out your triceps? Not much really…when it’s only one mistake. But that’s not usually the way it happens. Often times, you make a few mistakes on one set of one triceps exercise, a few mistakes on your next triceps exercise, and even a few more in another. By the end of the tricep workout you’re doing you’ve made more mistakes than you may have even known and the results you thought you were getting is compromised.

So the key is to correct them right here and now…using this Tricep Workout Mistakes – 7 Sins of Tricep Training video.

Then, when you’re ready to start following a complete training program that addresses every muscle group and shows you step by step how to apply science to your workouts and get the best results you can, then head to and let me be your trainer! With the ATHLEAN-X Training System, I will show you video by video and workout by workout how to not only boost up those triceps but the rest of your body to create one explosively athletic physique! Looking forward to seeing you on “TEAM ATHLEAN”!

In the meantime, you can check out the rest of my workouts and exercise tips here on youtube at

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