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Nutrition isn’t a punishment. It’s a tool you can use to fuel your workouts and build the body you’ve always wanted. This week, you’re going to get serious about eating right!

Consistent, challenging training is a major part of the fit life, but it’s only one part. Some people believe it’s not even the biggest. When people who have transformed successfully tell their story on our site, they almost always say nutrition is more important than training. In some cases, they’ve put the ratio as high as 90/10.

This week, you’re going to get a taste of how physique athletes eat. Trust us, it’s better than you think! Here’s Kathleen to tell you more.

Plan your meals for the upcoming week.
Go grocery shopping.
Prep your meals!

Below, you’ll find sample meal plans and grocery lists for several levels of caloric intake, from a meager 1,500 calories per day up to 3,500 calories. Look back to the caloric demand calculator you used on day 8 to see which amount lines up best with your body and activity level. Then check out the sample day and shopping list from today that goes with that amount. Customize this plan to meet your cooking abilities, taste, and restrictions, but try to stick to it as tightly as you can. Remember, this is a learning experience!

Over the week to come, try to plan out as much of your eating schedule as possible ahead of time using your plan. Use at least one meal per day from your plan and maybe more, especially when you’re at home. If you’ve considered “cleaning house” and getting rid of the junk food in your life but haven’t done it yet, today’s the day.

All that planning may sound like a lot of work, but today is a rest day, so consider this meal prep your workout! You may have heard how bodybuilders and other physique athletes prepare meals days ahead of time and keep them in labeled Tupperware containers. They can tell you that this method works!

Below you’ll find links to the meal plans for some of our other most popular trainers, like Jaime Eason’s LiveFit and Kris Gethin’s 12-Week Hardcore Trainer. Check them out and compare them to what you’re doing this week in terms of what you would eat, how much, and when. All three of those variables matter. Become a student of performance nutrition, and you’ll develop the tools to achieve the body of your dreams!

That’s a great question. How much you eat, and what types and ratios of food you eat can sometimes seem hopelessly complicated. For now let’s stay focused on the basics, and on gaining a better understanding of what you’re already doing.

Your body burns fuel doing everything—even sleeping. This energy expenditure is measured in calories. How many calories you need can change from person to person, due to different amounts of muscle, activity levels, gender, and even your height. The EER calculator helped you estimate how much energy you use on an average day. But of course, that’s not the end of the story.

Your EER tells you how much you need to maintain your weight. If you wish to change your body composition, you will typically alter your calories from this number. In most cases, we reduce calories to lose body fat. By not eating enough food to meet our EER, our body is forced to strip off fat stores to meet energy requirements. Alternatively, when we wish to gain muscle mass, we often eat a little more than we need. These two alternative approaches are often referred to as “cutting” and “bulking.”

Don’t worry about trying to gain or lose weight during the 30-Day Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Fitness. If you want to take this opportunity to get serious about nutrition, just try to stick at your maintenance level and see how that feels. When you try new programs in the future, you’ll have a better understanding of your needs and what makes you feel and look your best.

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