Ultimate 30 Day Beginners Guide To Fitness - Day 9 - Bodybuilding.com

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Let’s hit the weights! No more wandering around the weight room picking out the machine that looks simplest. Perform a balanced machine-based workout that stimulates all the body’s major muscle groups!

Welcome to day nine of the 30-Day Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Fitness. Today you’re back in the gym to sculpt some muscle. But you’re not just going to be training; you’re also going to be using this workout to practice a “balanced” workout program and learn why it’s important.

You probably want a body that is not only toned and lean, but symmetrical and proportionate. When you give each muscle the right amount of attention, you have stronger joints, better posture, and an improved appearance. This synergy occurs when the entire body is worked properly, as Steve explains.

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