Ultimate Biceps Workout - INSANE NEW EXERCISES!


Many claim to have the Ultimate “Biceps Workout” but few can back it up. Using the same old exercises and nothing unique in their approach to training “biceps” has led to a bunch of videos that fall flat in their attempt to be worthy of the hype. Not so with the AthLEAN-X Ultimate Biceps Workout.

See how standard biceps curls can be made 50 times more difficult by forcing the abs and core to participate in the exercise and demand that the biceps do more work in the process!

See how a basic chinup can be converted into a biceps peaking exercise unlike any other (while at the same time carving out a 6 pack to be proud of).

See how integrated muscle training takes bicep workouts to a whole new level by getting muscles to work together instead of against each other to produce an additive effect on the biceps you are targeting in the first place.

Above all, see what AthLEAN-X training is all about and then run over to http://athleanx.com to get the full AthLEAN X-perience by getting the training system that tens of thousands of others have used to get the same ripped, lean, and athletic looking body of their favorite pro athlete.

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