Ultimate Guide To Tough Mudder: Full Training Program!

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Ready to take your Tough Mudder experience to the next level!? Upper body strength and cardio endurance are two crucial factors when training for these types of events. This training program is going to help you not only build the strength you need to finish, but help you avoid injuries as well.

The workout consists of cardio, two training circuits and a cool-down and you can perform this routine 3 – 4 times week. The exercises were designed to simulate many of the obstacles that are on the course.

If you struggle with any of the exercises, we have modifiers at the end of the video that you can use to help you build up your strength.

Remember, the Tough Mudder consists of running short distances and then completing a challenging obstacle. Not all courses are the same. Some are very flat, and some are up and down hills / mountains. With that in mind, check out the terrain of the course you will be competing on to ensure you know what you are in for.

(0:05)- INTRO
(1:08)- HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Interval Training)
• 1 minute walk / jog for recovery
• 30 seconds running as fast as you can
• Repeat

(1:09)- Flat (15 minutes)
(1:42)- Incline (10 minutes)

(2:13)- Circuit 1:
• 10 rounds
• 10 reps per exercise
• Little to NO REST between exercises and rounds

(2:16)- Monkey Bar Pull-Up
(3:00)- Plyo Push-Up
(3:25)- Goblet Squat

(3:51)- Circuit 2:
• 6 rounds
• Little to NO REST between exercises and rounds

(3:54)- Army Crawl (20 feet)
(4:11)- Alternating Jumping Lunge (1 – 1 Count; 15 reps)

(4:36)- Cool-Down:
(4:39)- Sandbag Walk- Carry 10 – 50 pounds (5 minutes)
(5:02)- Incline Sandbag Walk- Carry 10 – 50 pounds (5 minutes)
(5:18)- Side-To-Side Gallop- 8 minutes- Switch sides every 60 seconds (8 minutes)

(5:32)- Modifiers:
Monkey Bars Pull-Up
(5:37)- Mod 1- Pull-Up / Reverse / Pull-Up
(6:08)- Mod 2- Pull-Up / Alt. Grip / Chin-Up
(6:35)- Mod 3- Pull-Up On Ground

Push-Up Modifiers
(6:52)- Regular Push-Up
(7:03)- Push-Up On Knees

Squat Modifier
(7:16)- Air Squat

(7:41)- Bonus Tip!
(7:44)- Prepare For Climbing Over Walls!

(8:06)- Choosing The Right Gear!

(11:05) OUTRO
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