Underwater Abs Workout (BETTER AB WORKOUT!)

Get six pack abs by training like an athlete here…

Getting someone to do their abs workout is hard enough on land, but what if I told you that you might be able to get better abs by training underwater? It’s true. In this video, I show you an abs workout that you can do in a pool or in the ocean that allows you to start carving up that six pack and getting your obliques to look more ripped than by training with regular ab exercises alone.

The advantages of training in the water are many. First and most important is that you get the benefits of simultaneous resistance in rotation in both directions. When you swing your arms under the water you face the resistance of the drag force of the water. That said, it becomes even more difficult to move your arms back in the opposite direction since you now have even more turbulence created from the initial swing of the arms.

You essentially have to fight the current of the water that you just created, and therefore have instantaneous resistance to the abs and obliques in both directions. The faster you swing your arms the more turbulence you create and the harder the ab workout will become. But that’s just moving your arms in one direction. Just like on land, you can increase the challenge to your abs by moving your arms in different directions.

You can perform a woodchopper motion (moving your arms from high up on your shoulder to lower down towards your waist on the opposite side) to incorporate the obliques even more. For even more challenge, move your arms in a figure eight pattern to hit all of the major muscles of your core at one time. You will hit elements of rotation, controlled rotation and even prevented rotation as you aim to stop your body from falling over due to the momentum of the ab exercises.

Don’t have a pool? No problem. You can translate these ab exercises into an abs workout that you can do in the gym. Just hook up a band or piece of tubing to a sturdy post and perform the rotational ab twists that I show you here. Remember however, this will not provide resistance back in the opposite direction. You would need to attach two bands as I show you to turn the abs exercise into one that works your core from both directions.

One final note on progressing your strength in this abs workout. If you are on land you would either increase the weight of the stack that the cable is attached to or the thickness of the resistance band that you are doing the exercise with. Underwater however, you can increase the difficulty of the exercise by either moving your arms faster or holding onto something that increases the surface area of the moving parts and increases the force of the drag as a result.

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