Unstoppable: The Ultimate Guide To Training Through Injury

If you’re a beat-up lifter, then this is for you. An elite strength coach and doctor of physical therapy will show you how to optimize your lifting form and make effective exercise substitutions.
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Welcome to Unstoppable: The Ultimate Guide to Training Through Injury.

The word “through” is crucial. We’re not trying to teach you to train around an injury—too many people are already doing that, and more often than not, it ends up causing as many problems as it solves.

“Through” means building a systematic approach to solving pain, not looking for quick fixes. It means finding ways to keep training, not just being a patient forever. It means taking control of your body and your situation, not just paying for someone else to treat you.

| Here’s What’s In Unstoppable |
• An overall guide to implementing training principles that shore up weak links that may be contributing to pain in your lower back, shoulder, or knee

• A cheat sheet that will allow you to “audit” any program or workout you’re following to see if it’s safe for your injured back, shoulder, or knee

• A comprehensive list of movement substitute pyramids you can implement in any workout or program you’re following

• A pair of sample workouts you can perform as written, or borrow elements from to help you customize other programs or workouts you’re following

| Here’s What Unstoppable Isn’t |
• A substitute for medical care, if that’s what you really need

• A guide to post-surgery rehab

• A complete 12-week workout program

| Expert Instruction |
Dr. John Rusin has worked with top athletes worldwide to unlock their lifting potential and lift the burden of pain off of their backs, knees, and shoulders. Learn what you may be unknowingly doing to sabotage your success, and learn a better way!

| Intelligent Movement Subsitutions |
You have the responsibility to train the right movement variations for your body! Don’t try to force-feed movements that might get you hurt, or just guess what’s a better choice. Use the Unstoppable movement pyramids to “audit” your training and optimize it for your body!

| Four Full Video Workouts |
Wondering how to select the right weight? How much to warm up? What workout accessories are essential, and when? Meg will share a lifetime of insider tips as she leads you through every moment of all four workouts from Week 1!

| Eat Strong, Lift Strong, Be Strong |
Meg will share how she eats, when she times her meals around workouts, and the selective lineup of supplements that she takes to maximize performance and recovery.

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