Upper Chest UNLEASHED!! (1 Tip and 1 Exercise to a Bigger Upper Chest)


The upper chest could quite possibly be the most difficult area to train and get to respond. There have been plenty of workout tips and exercises to try and address this area, but they all continue to have guys looking for a better answer. It doesn’t have to be that way!

The Upper Chest UNLEASHED video contains a single workout tip that you can implement into your very next chest workout that will show you just how to tweak the way you press the dumbbells to recruit even more upper chest fibers and get them to grow bigger and faster.

The Exercise in here, as always with AthLEAN-X, is a unique and powerful compound exercise that trains the body the way it’s meant to be trained….together! Stop trying to build a bigger upper chest by simply doing the same old boring single joint exercises. Instead, incorporate movement and power into your movements, and tie in assisting muscle groups like the abs and shoulders and you’ll start to see growth that you never thought was possible!

When you’re done trying this out and seeing what it can do for your upper chest development, then head to http://athleanx.com to see just how an entire 90 day program full of effective exercises like these can completely reconstruct your body! It’s time to get AthLEAN!

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