US Army Fitness Test - UPGRADED! (ATHLEAN-X Style)

The US Army just made some huge changes (improvements) to it’s Basic Training Fitness Test. Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I had to add an upgrade…AthLEAN-X Style.

When it comes to the Army fitness test, they recognized that changes were long overdue. The current physical readiness test was just not preparing it’s soldiers for battle well enough. Gone are the basic situps and two mile runs, and in it’s place are a series of new (more functional) exercises that make the soldier more physically prepared for the battlefield.

It’s called the “Combat Readiness Test”.

The test has shifted its focus towards more functional exercises that train the lower body and upper body together, utilize core strength and stability on almost every drill, and is flat out more athletic. Sound familiar? It should. It’s AthLEAN-X Training.

If you haven’t started yet then you need to now. “Be all you can Be” and start training like an athlete, be as prepared as a soldier, and be as ripped and muscular as you have ever been. Head to

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