V-Cut Ab Exercises (BETTER IN 3 SECONDS!)

Get ripped v-cut abs and keep them year round with this…

V-Cut abs are a hallmark of someone that is incredibly ripped and shredded. There is no mistaking that having abs that are not just defined but powerful as well, can round out any physique and take it to the next level. In this video, I’m going to show you a quick lower ab exercise tip that you can apply to every bottom up movement you perform in your next ab workout. It doesn’t matter if you perform lower ab floor exercises or hanging bar exercises at the gym, this tip will work for both.

The key to maximum lower ab contraction is to integrate the adductors into the movement as well. You can do this by simply placing something like a tennis ball or baseball between your knees and squeezing it while you perform each rep of your lower ab exercises. The act of squeezing your knees together activates the adductors.

The adductors attach to the pubic symphysis from below while the rectus abdominus feeds into the same area from above. When you contract the adductors you stabilize the pelvis which allows your abs to contract more strongly from above. Think of it like the cannon from the canoe analogy. If you wanted to fire a cannon you would want to place it on a stabile surface to shoot it. If you did not, as soon as the force of the cannon was exerted by firing it, the surface would give and a great deal of energy would be lost as the ball exited the cannon.

The same thing happens in your body. If you contract a muscle (exert force) from a segment above an unstable or weak base, you will never generate the type of contraction you could if you were to do otherwise. So, in the case of the adductors, you want to turn them on by squeezing your knees and then holding that as you perform every v-cut lower ab exercise. You should immediately notice a much stronger contraction in your lower ab exercises which when combined with a good diet will allow you to start seeing those v-cut abs more quickly.

V cut abs are one of those things that some guys tend to get but can’t keep year round. The nutrition is what almost always trips them up along the way. If you want to get a program that not only helps you to build your ripped abs by putting the science back in your workouts, but keep them year round by providing you with a step by step diet and nutrition plan be sure to head to http://athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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