V-Cut RIPPED Abs and BIG Biceps - One Killer Exercise (abs and biceps)!

Put Abs in Every Exercise – http://athleanx.com/x/maxmuscleintegration

It’s not enough these days to shoot for a ripped six pack stomach…not when you can get the complete v-cut lines that etch you into the upper echelon of fit without saying a single word! Throw in an impressive set of big biceps and you’ve got the ultimate one two muscle combo that seems to get all of the attention.

Well, what if you didn’t have to train your abs and biceps separately with ab exercises and workouts devoted strictly to abs and biceps exercises and workouts devoted strictly to biceps? You don’t have to. With the principle of Maximal Muscle InteraXion from ATHLEAN-X you can start putting more muscle groups to work with the same exercise.

The advantage of this type of training is that it’s not only more functional (which is perfect for athletes) but it gets you faster muscle building results since you are letting muscles work the way they prefer to work. You’ll find that it’s more conducive to helping you develop a six pack stomach, the 6 pack that makes people take notice, by demanding more work from you in every workout. More calories burned, more work done, less fat, more likely to see those v-cut ripped abs.

Same thing with biceps. By adding some additional work to the biceps (even while targeting that v-cut stomach) you’ll see the benefits of the extra volume in the form of larger biceps.

If you’ve never tried Maximal Muscle InteraXion before then take a shot at it with this video and then get a complete 90 day workout program full of this and other techniques to help you not only get those v-cut ripped abs and bigger biceps…but an impressive athlean physique as a whole! Head to http://athleanx.com when you’re ready to join the team.

Meantime, there are other abs and biceps building videos on our youtube channel at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

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