Vernon Dropped 50 Pounds In Less Than A Year At Age 32 | The Spark Transformation Story

Vernon had lost hope, until the birth of his son gave him the drive he needed to get healthy. What he achieved in under a year is astounding.
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A few years ago, Vernon Jeffers was caught in a downward spiral.

“I’d been deployed to Iraq for three consecutive tours, had to deal with numerous family issues, and even had to close the auto dealership I’d worked hard to build,” he says. “Everything took a toll, and I got stuck in a depressive cycle.”

Everything changed the day his son, Vernon Jr., was born. A renewed sense of purpose and responsibility led Vernon to regain control of his life—starting with fitness.

This is Vernon’s story.

What Made You Decide To Transform?

I pretty much gave up on life. I had no more motivation to succeed. I thought it was pointless to pursue dreams that would never happen, and my negativity got the best of me. I became less active and ate whatever I felt like. Slowly, but surely, I started gaining weight. It got to the point that I’d suddenly feel short of breath just when sitting around.

My son renewed my sense of hope. Until that point, negativity had held me down. After he was born, I swore to myself that I’d give it 110 percent or nothing at all. I immediately enrolled in college and have been going for about two years now. I’m scheduled to graduate with a perfect 4.0 in June.

What Motivated You To Keep Going?

I decided to sign up for’s 250K Challenge to stay motivated. At times I felt like giving up, but I realized that would mean I was giving up on my son. I would drag myself to the gym at 5 a.m., still half asleep, but after my workout was done I’d always feel accomplished. I feel truly blessed to have participated in the challenge. On my journey, I’ve inspired many to transform their bodies, too, and learn the health and nutrition pointers they need to stay fit for life.

How Did You Accomplish Your Goals?

Having a plan was crucial for me. I had a plan for everything: what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. I even set alarms reminding me to drink water on time. Being regimented helped me stay on task and set realistic goals.

What Supplements Helped You Through Your Journey?

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What Diet Plan Helped You Transform?

Throughout the transformation, I changed my diet around at least three times. I went from a low-calorie, hard cutting phase to a light bulking phase, then back to a cutting phase.


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