Vertical Jump Challenge! - 42" Standing Vertical Jump

Improve your vertical jump ability –

Everyone wants to always know what they can do to jump higher, to improve their vertical jump, to dunk easier, whatever….and they all make the same mistake. They try to focus on one exercise, or wearing some type of special sneaker or some other nonproductive use of their time instead of working on the only thing that matters most and that is…training like an athlete!

I say this all time…if you want to look like an athlete you’ve got to train like an athlete. In the ATHLEAN-X Training System we don’t focus solely on vertical jump training at any point in the program, but I can tell you that we have had many guys (from the pros to the weekend warriors) who have experienced insane vertical jump gains by just following the 12 week program as written.

I’m talking about guys who experience 20% increases in their vertical jump scores without ever doing a single vertical jump specific workout. How does this happen? By working muscles explosively, by training them the way they prefer to train (which is utilizing the core for stability and power harnessing through it on every exercise).

If you want to start jumping higher then you need to start training smarter.

Improve your vertical jump as well as your overall lower body explosiveness with the same program the pros use! Join the rest of team athlean today at

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