Volume vs Intensity | Training Legs with IFBB Pro James Hollingshead

IFBB Pro bodybuilder James Hollingshead from the UK has adopted a 1 true working set per exercise method. Its the Volume vs. Intensity, Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Dorian Yates debate.
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This debate has been going on for years. James explains his thought process behind why he implements it here. He is joined by Simon Brooker and Louis Moylan, 2 of the UK’s fastest rising competitors in bodybuilding and classic physique. James delves into the components that create the ultimate training environment, from King’s Gym to training partners to training method. Check this out and decide for yourself.

| IFBB Pro James Hollingshead Leg Workout for Mass |
Each exercise is performed as follows:
3-4 warm up sets
1 true working set (6-8 reps) to failure
1 back-off (reduce the weight by about 20%)

1. Leg Abduction
2. Leg Extension
3. Hack Squat
4. Vertical Leg Press
5. Barbell Hip Thrust
6. Seated Leg Curl

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