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Learn the benefits of Waxy Maize Starch in this quick video guide from Bodybuilding.com and supplement expert Anthony Almada! A long term carb with out the blood sugar crash!

Waxy Maize has a much higher molecular weight and a much lower osmolarity rate compared to dextrose or maltodextrin, so what does this mean. Mainly, Waxy Maize bypasses the stomach, is absorbed by the intestines and immediately is assimilated; this is all done at a much faster rate than dextrose or maltodextrin, almost double.

Waxy Maize can help the absorption rates of many of your favorite supplements like creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl ester, cell volumization and nitric oxide type supplements, etc. Nutrients like this often times are left in the stomachs harsh acidic environment and degrade absorption rates. Waxy Maizehelps shuttle these nutrients to bypass the stomach and allow the body to assimilate these nutrients at a much higher rate. Waxy Maize is available at Bodybuilding.com.

For more information on Waxy Maize, go to http://bit.ly/ag1VnW

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