Weekend Warrior Workout | Marc Megna

Can’t spend hours in the gym every day? You don’t have to! This twice-per-week, full-body workout will help you weekend warriors do better in sports and live healthier lives.
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Some people make the world turn a little faster. They work incredibly hard, they get things done, and want the best for themselves and their family. Some of these people are also extremely active. They work hard at the office during the week, and they play hard on the weekends.

These people have a name, too. They are Weekend Warriors.

This isn’t the oxymoron you might think. Weekend Warriors are competitive, have “Type A” personalities, and love to be challenged. They don’t have all day to spend in the gym, but the way to kick butt while there. They might be training to build a great physique, or to improve performance on the playing field; either way, they’re going to do their best. These busy, proactive, overachievers need a workout that’s time-efficient and results-driven.

I put together this workout with the idea that “less is more.” It’s efficient, hits all your body parts, and balances what was imbalanced. It’s meant to improve your body, athletic performance and health. I work with people who have incredibly demanding schedules. They’re some of the busiest people in the world. I know what it takes to get busy people the results they want. This workout doesn’t re-invent the wheel. It’s not fancy. I kept it simple, straightforward, clear.

For those who are constantly busy, exercise is like therapy. Training releases feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins, increases blood flow, boosts confidence, and improves self-esteem. The Weekend Warrior Workout will help you not only feel better, but will give you the upper-hand during your weekend activities. Whether you’re a pick-up basketball player, on a flag-football team, or a mountain bike monster, this workout will help you become a more capable athlete.


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