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Erica and I wanted to finally give you all the grand tour of our new home! We still have a lot of stuff to do, but we love having a place to call our own. I would say my love for the gym is only matched by my love for tinkering an building things so if you are into do it yourself “DIY” projects definitely check out the exclusive content section of SHF as I have been uploading videos from building my workbench to hanging shelves. Next on my list is building Erica’s closet! That is going to be fun! haha

(0:02)- The fridge is here!!
(1:24)- Rearranging the cabinets! Dammit!
(2:13)- Shoutout to the Home Depot Crew! Thanks Guys!
(3:29)- Now if I could just get this fridge to be level…
(4:43)- Took a nap… now it’s time to get out in the SNOW!
(5:39)- Wish us luck as we drive by everyone who flew off the icy roads!
(6:32)- Back home, finishing fridge, arguing with Chrystal. Good times!
(8:43)- Shoveling Snow Time!
(10:10)- Bello Marshmallows! Erica going out for a bit, MUITOS BEIJOS!
(10:34)- SUMMER IS HERE!! 6 Months later!
(10:39)- It’s time for the house tour!
(10:54)- Formal Dining Room
(12:00)- Office
(13:39)- Dining Room & Kitchen
(16:52)- Living Room
(18:32)- Downstairs Bathroom
(19:06)- Master Bedroom
(21:55)- Upstairs Bathroom
(22:58)- Erica’s Mini Closet
(23:20)- Erica’s Master Closet
(24:05)- Bello’s Room!
(25:29)- Movie Room!
(27:15)- Chrystal’s Room / Guest Room
(28:24)- Backyard
(30:33)- The Garage! Jane’s Lair!
(31:28)- Erica’s Junk! Haha
(32:27)- A sweet goodbye from Erica and Myself!

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