Don’t let overtraining slow the muscle gains you should be seeing

Ask 10 guys in the gym what they think about overtraining and 5 will probably tell you it doesn’t exist and the other 5 will be right! Overtraining is a very real problem for the natural lifter not aided by performance enhancing drugs. In fact, your body has a limited capacity for recovery (even when getting optimal sleep and nutrition) and therefore training volume must be respected.

The concept of overtraining revolves around establishing the minimum effective dose to elicit a change in your muscles. Going beyond this dose (or volume) begins to invite muscle damage or a depletion in your body’s reserves needed to fuel your recovery. That said, undertraining (the opposite of workout overtraining) can also be a problem. This comes when the workout intensity is lacking and not enough of a stimulus is provided to the muscles to cause them to have to change.

The secret to a successful plateau free lifting experience is to be able to identify the symptoms of overtraining and then modify your exercise or bodybuilding workouts to eliminate the volumes causing the overtraining.

Those that are experiencing signs of overtraining or are constantly over working their muscles will become more irritable, will feel more fatigued, might have a higher resting heart rate, and see all strength and size gains come to a halt.

Other channels on youtube have addressed the concept of overtraining but perhaps not from the same shoes as many of the guys that are watching the videos and seeking out the information.

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