What To Eat To Build Muscle - Part II: Lunch


Continuing the series of “what to eat to build muscle”, Jeff takes you into his kitchen once again to show you exactly what he eats to get his 3.5% bodyfat and ripped lean muscle. Straight from the AthLEAN-X “guy friendly” meal plans comes three quick and easy lunch options that will help you to finally start showing off those six pack abs that you are hiding behind some fat right now!

Celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere developed the most cutting edge meal plans in the muscle building community today! His unique and creative combinations make the other boring meal plans seem outdated and unappetizing. The AthLEAN-X “X-Factor” Meal Plans are the best tasting, most creative, and most effective 90 day meal plans available today!

Let Men’s Fitness magazine writer and former New York Mets physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere show you how to burn fat, get ripped and build muscle with his patented combination of strength training, athlean burst conditioning and easy to follow meal plans!

Get the complete system in a “done for you” format by visiting http://athleanx.com right now. Be 89 days closer to your new AthLEAN body today!

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