Why Mass Gainer Supplements Suck at Building Muscle (BIG TIME!)

Trade calorie overload for precision supplementation here

Hardgainers and skinny guys will often look to mass gainers and weight gainer supplements to help them build muscle. The promise of instantly available calories is enticing enough to lure most into buying these mass building supplements. The problem is, the only mass these supplements are capable of helping you build is fat, as they deliver nothing but excess empty nutrition.

In this video, I cover the topic of weight gainer powders and whether they deserve your consideration if you are a skinny guy trying to put on muscle size and mass. As a former hardgainer myself, I can speak on the topic from experience. Growing up in my teenage years, I had perhaps the worst diet known to man. I ate nothing but sweets and empty calories, all while working out and trying to build muscle.

Year after year I was unable to add any appreciable muscle mass and I wondered why. I relied on the advice of my local gym owner who pointed me in the direction of mass gainer powders and supplements. I took a 2700 calorie weight gainer and was convinced that my skinny days were over. Unfortunately, after wasting a lot of money on bottle after bottle, I looked no different and felt crappy from the sugar overload I was subjecting my body to every day.

It wasn’t until I dedicated myself to improving my solid food nutrition that I finally started to see fast changes. Supplements should never be part of your game plan until you are committed to eating healthier. That said, a lot of the guys that are watching this video are already doing a better than average job of paying attention to their nutrition and eating well. If that is you, first of all congratulations and secondly, you are at the point where supplementation should be a consideration of yours.

That said, even then, there will never be a place for weight gainer powders if you are looking to add lean muscle. Mass gainers are full of sub quality protein and sugars…neither of which will do a good job of helping you to add quality lean muscle. When it comes to building muscle the most important thing is the quality of your calories first, and then the amount of calories. Thinking that sheer numbers of calories is the way to build muscle is the fastest way to a fat body and disappointment in your hard earned efforts in the gym.

To build muscle mass you must provide your body with a consistent supply of high quality nutrition. This should first come in the form of solid nutrient dense foods. Once you’ve reached this level of dedication, then attention to the ancillary sources of high quality whey and casein protein to supplement your hard workouts can be very effective.

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