Workout Motivation Killer (STOP DOING THIS!!)

Get fired up about working out again with ATHLEAN-X

Workout motivation is one of the hardest things one can master but must if they are to succeed long term with their fitness goals. We rarely begin our fitness pursuits really loving what we are doing. Most of the time, we start working out because we aren’t happy with where we are physically and want to do something to better ourselves. On the other hand, we may be young athletes knowing that we need to improve our fitness if we are going to become a better player.

Either way, finding the motivation (wherever it may come from) is the key to making changes. That said, along the way to pursuing our goals we often become our own worst enemies. We do this by allowing ourselves to listen to our own internal dialogue and let it dictate our achievements (or lack of). Think about the words that passed through your head today. How many of them were positive or favorable of you?

Did you spend the day filling your head with negative thoughts about what you either can’t accomplish or lack the discipline to accomplish? If you did, don’t worry. You aren’t unlike pretty much everyone else watching this video (or making it for that matter). We all tend to doubt our own abilities to do things that we aren’t confident or comfortable doing.

The fact that it happens to us all and gets in the way of our workout motivation is one thing, however being able to realize that and then quickly change those thoughts to more positive ones is the key to eventually achieving those goals. Negative internal dialogue can crush your workout motivation by making you believe all of the things that are preventing you from starting in the first place.

If you think you can’t build big arms, then why would you waste the time working out trying to do that? It would be a monumental waste of time wouldn’t it? But then you have to ask yourself why are you saying this to yourself? As long as you are physically capable of building bigger arms, then what is really going on is you are mentally unprepared to believe it! There is a big difference here and it lies at the heart of why you can’t find the proper motivation to workout.

If you wish you had a coach that could elicit your top effort and keep you motivated from the first day of your workout and nutrition plan to the last, then you don’t have to wish any more. In my ATHLEAN-X Training System available at I show you exactly how to train, eat and stay motivated about your workouts. In the next 90 days you can go from wishing you looked like a ripped pro athlete to actually training and looking like one.

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