Workout / Nutrition / Supplementation Questions - ATHLEAN-X "Hangs out" with Fans

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As a surprise midweek video from ATHLEAN-X, I decided to hangout with some of the fans! Literally, with a google hangout. We announced this and opened up limited participation on our facebook page at

It was a lot of fun and I was able to cover a lot of workout, nutrition, and supplementation questions that I’m sure more than just the guys in this hangout have! To make it easy for you to navigate through the hangout, I time stamped the questions here for you
0:08 – Intro / Welcome
2:22 – How many carbs should I be eating to see results?
10:18 – How do I use your supplements with my eating plan for best results?
11:00 – Is it ok to workout in a fasted state?
14:40 – Is cycling every day subjecting me to overtraining?
17:42 – Do you recommend doing Burst Training / Cardio in the morning for best results?
20:00 – If I work out at night and then do my next workout in the morning…is that enough time between workouts to recover?
22:30 – I have really bad hip mobility and cannot squat low enough. What should I do?
28:00 – What is your best advice for becoming a fitness entrepreneur?
30:46 – What certifications do you recommend for trainers?
33:58 – What is a good exercise substitute for upright dips since I can’t do dips at home?
39:03 – Supplements aren’t really an option for me – so what would you recommend for pre and post workout snacks?
42:37 – What’s the difference between the women’s protein and the men’s protein in the Rx supplements?
44:51 – If an exercise calls for 10-12 reps is it ok if I do less than that and fail at around 8-10 reps?
46:17 – How often do you recommend training the abs? Specifically doing the 6 Pack Promise ab workouts?
49:05 – Wrap up / Closing Remarks

Looking forward to doing some more of these and taking your questions. Be sure to like us on facebook so you get first notice of when these will be occurring by heading to and of course add me to your circles on google plus by heading over to my profile at

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