Workout Supplement Review (LABEL LIES)

Get what you pay for with your supplements.

In a recent review of workout and herbal supplements, the New York Times disclosed that the NY State Attorney General found that 4 out of the 5 supplements they tested contained no active ingredients claimed on the label. To some this may be shocking, sadly I am not. The supplement industry is unregulated by the FDA unless an ingredient becomes knowingly dangerous and needs intervention.

This means that we as the consumers need to be educated about the supplements that we are taking. In this video, I show you the study results as well as some of the specific filler ingredients that were put in the pills rather than what was claimed. Can you believe, ground up Christmas greens were found?

At the center of the controversy are the major retailers like Walgreens, Target, Walmart and GNC, but is it really their fault? In the case of the first three I would have to say no. If you consider the sheer number of brands that are carried by these major retailers it is impossible for them to know about every single one of them. The responsibility ultimately falls on the brand to represent itself accurately.

As a supplement brand owner I can tell you that ATHLEAN-Rx strives to put out a trustworthy product that is above all, safe. While not required to undergo the scrutiny of FDA regulation, we opt to do so by declaring our protein powders as food products. As food products we are required to abide by truth in labeling as well as verification of ingredient profile.

Many workout supplement brands, after being reviewed, do not meet the same requirements. Because of this reality, it is extremely important that you trust the supplement brand that you use in order to feel confident in not only your health but where your money is going when purchasing them.

For more information about the ATHLEAN-Rx brand supplements, head to and view the individual profiles of each of our pre workout, post workout, and muscle recovery proteins.

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