Workout to Build Muscle Mass (2,958 HOURS LONG!!)

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If you want to build muscle mass you know you have to lift heavy weights, or do you? In this video I show you that lifting heavy is not the prerequisite that you may have thought it was if you are looking to build muscle size. There are many examples of people that are able to add significant muscles without ever picking up a heavy weight, if they are willing to put in extreme amounts of time to do so.

Have you ever noticed how construction workers have very muscular bodies whether or not they even workout? This has to do with the accumulated volumes over time rather than the loads they lift at any one time. Sure, they may be lifting heavy weights at times while on the job. That said, if they had to do this all day every day they would surely burn out or not be able to get much done. It’s the accumulation of the lighter sub maximal loads that helps them to put on much more size than the regular guy based solely on the huge number of hours they spend plying their trade.

I show you the 2,958 hour equation. We get to this number by considering that each of these people covered in this video works roughly a 6 day work week with 8 hour days. If you consider 51 working weeks in the year you realize that each of them are lifting variations of lighter weights (some very very light) and still building lots of muscle because of the accumulated tension. Almost every waking hour of their day is spent lifting weight or applying tension to specific muscles.

Cyclists get huge quads, calves and hamstrings from the sheer volume of riding that they undergo, sometimes even at the expense of their upper body development. Pitchers develop much larger shoulders on their pitching arm compared to their non throwing arm. Barbers, yes even barbers, can get crazy good development in their traps because of the constant elevation of their arms required to cut hair.

Does this mean that you should run out and start spending 48 hours a week working out to build muscle? Not at all. It just illustrates two points. The first is, you can definitely build muscle with light weights IF the volume is high enough to help you do so. There is no absolute that says you have to lift heavy weights to gain muscle size. The second is, that said there is a better way.

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