Workout Video Tip To BUILD MUSCLE - The "Weakest Link" Workout!

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Guys across the world hit the gym following the latest workout tip in their quest to build muscle. Sadly, the are often left disappointed as they are unable to make it work for them and are unable to get stronger, build muscle fast or even follow the workout advice.

This week I cover my “weakest link” workout video tip where we discuss the best method for how to gain strength, how to build muscle fast, and how to get stronger literally from one workout to the next. It takes advantage of two simple driving forces….motivation and goal setting.

See how setting a workout goal can allow you to achieve more in your workout and get you to feel stronger than ever. Then, with a clever motivation in place you will find that you are able to complete that last rep much more easily than if you didn’t have a motivation like this (how’s having to do more pushups, more pullups, more planks and more jump squats for a kick in the butt to get you going?!?)

After you try this workout video tip remember to head to and get the complete system full of techniques just like this. The AthLEAN-X Training System allows you to train like the pros with pro athlete celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere leading the way!

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