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Everyone looks forward to getting their workout started, but sometimes this comes at the expense of skipping the proper warm up. If you want to know how to warmup, then this is the video to watch. Now, it’s important to understand that not all warmups are the same. There are the total body warmups that involve raising your core body temperature through things like jump rope, light jogging, and even shadow boxing. Then there are warmups like we are talking about here in this video, the mobility warm ups.

In this particular drill, you’ll see how to mobilize your thoracic spine and encourage more spinal extension. From the daily habits we’ve developed to just plain old poor posture, many of us are finding that our ability to extend through our spine is becoming more and more limited each day. The problem with this is that it has far bigger impact than you might think on your workouts and performance as an athlete.

Limited thoracic mobility (particularly into extension) prevents normal shoulder biomechanics and spinal rotation. Using the foam roller warm up drill I show you in this video, you can loosen this area up before your workout or game and make sure that you optimize the strength and power of your upper body.

Don’t have any equipment? No problem. You can use the alternate warm up drill that I show you here to mobilize the thoracic spine and include the all important element of rotation as well.

So whenever someone asks you how to warmup, make sure you ask them what type of warmup they are talking about. Then, be sure to share with them this killer move to help them regain flexibility and strength they may have lost by overlooking this key factor in workout preparation.

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