Worst Leg Exercise Ever (WORSE THAN LEG EXTENSIONS!)

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When it comes to leg exercises, there are quite a few that can be labeled as pretty bad (when it comes to the risk reward of doing them). That said, only one of them can be crowned the worst leg exercise ever. The one featured in this leg workout video is even worse than leg extensions.

The sissy squat (named after the legs of Sisyphus from Greek mythology) is hands down the worst thing you can do for your knees and patellar tendons. While this leg exercise can in fact help you to build bigger quads, it will also help to shred your patellar tendons like lettuce if you let it.

The problem with the sissy squat is not that it places your knees over your toes (I go on to explain why that myth isn’t exactly true) but because of what happens to the line of force through the knee as you do it. You can see that in a properly executed high bar squat, the knees will actually have to travel beyond the toes if you are to go down far enough. Keeping your knees behind your toes is an artificial way of doing squats and not conducive to proper biomechanics of the knees.

Looking at the sissy squats again, it becomes quickly apparent why this leg exercise is the worst ever. It sends a great amount of force down through the kneecap and patellar tendon and removes the glutes and hamstrings from doing the job they prefer to do – supporting the quads during the squat.

It’s leg exercises like this that can lead to more harm than good. Again, can they produce results? Sure but they do so at the expense of the health of your legs and knees. For that reason, I cannot recommend this leg exercise in good conscience to my athletes or my viewers.

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