Wrist and Forearm Pain with Curls (AX JEFF!)

Fix wrist pain when curling with MECHAN-X

Wrist and forearm pain are a common complaint among lifters. Many people who lift weights will feel pain on the inside of their wrists that can often times travel down the inside portion of their forearm. This happens most often when the weight lifted is towards the heavier end of your range. In this video, I show you what causes this problem and two ways to get around it so you can keep curling and training hard.

First, it’s important to understand what causes the wrist and forearm pain when curling. This happens almost all the time when using a straight bar. The straight bar curl is restrictive to the normal mobility that is preferred in the wrist. Compound this with the torque placed on the wrist when attempting to lift weight that is too heavy for you (as is often the case when curling) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Anatomically, the bones of your forearm are set up asymmetrically. The radius (or bone on the top side or more lateral side of your forearm) is longer than your ulna (or bone on the underside or more medial side of your forearm). Because of this length distance, the ulna has an additional cartilaginous disc that sits between it’s end and the first row of the carpal bones of the wrist. This disc however is often the source of much pain.

When you look at the compensations that are made when curling you will see that as the weight becomes too challenging to lift with good form, you try to squeeze your elbows together to get some additional help from the chest and shoulders to get the barbell up. This places a valgus stress on the elbows as well as a torque on the wrists. The combination of the supination with the weight pushing your wrist into ulnar deviation will quickly compress the disc between the carpal bones and the ulna.

This pinching feeling can cause an immediate pain or discomfort when curling, but also tend to radiate down the forearm if the pain lingers and or becomes more significant. In order to prevent this from occurring you either have to lighten the weight to one that you can handle without the compensations that I mentioned earlier or you have to do your barbell curls with an EZ curl bar.

The EZ curl bar allows you to place your wrists and forearms in a more neutral position rather than the fully supinated position. Those that have wrist and forearm pain that switch to this bar will see an immediate improvement in the pain and discomfort that they are feeling. They often find that they can get back to curling without feeling the pain which allows them to get the amount of weight back to what they were curling before as they attempted to build bigger biceps.

In order to train at your maximum you always have to try and do your best to minimize joint pain. If you train in pain you undoubtedly will be limited in just how much weight you can lift and just how big you can get as a result. If you want to start training without pain, head to http://athleanx.com/athleanrx/mechan-x and get the joint recovery supplement used by today’s top professional athletes. MECHAN-X is changing the game when it comes to training without pain.

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