Your Workout and Nutrition Questions Answered - ATHLEAN-X LIVE

ATHLEAN-X™ 90 Day Program:

In the second ever ATHLEAN-X Live, I take your workout and nutrition questions and answer them direct! Audio was much better this time around and allowed for me to take even more of your most burning workout and supplement / nutrition questions. For a recap and quick reference of the exact workout and training questions that were covered in this Q&A look below:

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– What are your thoughts on diet soda? 1:10
– I want to bulk up but also be lean, what should I do? 2:20
– What do you think of Kre-alkylin vs Creatine Monohydrate? 4:25
– Are 10 sets of 10 reps a good way to build muscle? 5:50
– How do you get rid of the fat around the nipple area of a well built chest? 8:05
– What do you think about deadlifts? 9:21 (includes video demonstration)
– Can I use a schoolbag instead of a pair of dumbbells for shrugs? 11:30
– How does a hardgainer get bigger triceps? 12:15
– What are the differences between good quality protein and low quality protein? 14:21
– What do you think about yoga? 17:15
– When is the ATHLEAN TEEN program coming out? 19:15
– Why am I stronger using dumbbells than barbells? 19:50
– What do you think of isometric lifting? 21:39
– What are your tips for lifting in college? 23:30
– How does being sick affect your body and workouts? 25:00
– What are the best exercises to hit the lower chest? 26:53 (includes video demonstration)
– What is your favorite kettlebell exercise? 29:35
– What do you think about the ab wheel for ab workouts? 30:47
– What do you think of the NASM personal trainer course? 32:07
– How do I increase my pullup number? 33:54
– What’s the difference between ATHLEAN-X and the Athlean-XX for Women program? 35:31
– Jeff, what is your post workout meal? 37:50
– What’s the best way to loosen up the hips? 40:00 (includes video demonstration)
– How do you reduce muscle soreness? 42:52
– Is ATHLEAN-X suitable for ectomorphs or hardgainers? 45:20
– What’s the best way to recover from a torn muscle? 48:08
– Jeff what’s your bodyfat level? 51:00
– What do you think about the Hodge Twins? 52:20

Thanks so much for your questions! This was a lot of fun and I look forward to scheduling more of these in the future. If you like these fitness questions and answers sessions be sure to THUMB THIS UP below to let me know and I’ll be sure to do more…more often.

In the meantime, to start following a program that incorporates all of the principles discussed in this Q&A head to my site, and click on the “FOR MEN” button to get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

Finally, for more workouts and nutrition videos be sure to check out my youtube channel at

Looking forward to seeing you on “TEAM ATHLEAN”!

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