Your Workouts are Hurting You! (HERE’S WHY)

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Are your workouts hurting you or helping you? This is actually a problem that has only grown worse over recent years, where the line between no pain no gains gets blurred to the point of inducing injuries! In this video, I go over a few of the more common workout injuries and training aches and pains that you may be experiencing and more importantly, why I think they are happening.

You see, there is a big mistake that people make when they hit the gym day after day. I’m not talking about under recovering either. What I am saying is that we think that each day we show up that we are the same person that was able to perhaps accomplish some amazing goals a few days prior when we are actually far from that person.

Life circumstances like stress from a job, lack of sleep, different nutrition, lack of hydration, etc can dramatically change the person that hits the gym for each new workout (even if it is physically the same person)! Energy levels will vary from workout to workout and the sooner you embrace this fact and learn to make adaptations to account for this ebb and flow, the faster you will see plateau free gains and fewer training injuries.

The big mistake is assuming that just because you were able to press 315 on a bench press a week earlier that you will absolutely be able to repeat that the next time you do the exercise. For all of the reasons stated above and more, this simply might not be the case. In the event that this happens, the experienced lifter will learn to back it down a notch and choose an alternative exercise that will get just as much if not more out of them on that day.

Not every exercise is created equal. We know that. However, when one exercise is simply not in the cards for a given workout because of one of numerous reasons, you have to have a backup plan. If you only knew what the exercises you were doing were but had no idea of why you are doing them, then you likely wouldn’t know what exercise to replace the soreness inducing one for today.

That is why I go to great lengths to teach you not just the what when it comes to training, but the why as well. Why you do the exercises I show you and how to do them to get the most out of your workouts should you need to substitute. The ATHLEAN-X Training System at is likewise built around this same principle. Never be at a loss again when training and watch the gains begin.

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