Zane Hadzick Started Out as a Skinny Teenager

This former skinny teen understood the true challenge facing him, he met it straight on, and with a little help from his friends, learned how to live a strong and healthy life.
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Zane Hadzick grew up knowing everything about lifting things that weigh a lot, but nothing about lifting weights. As the 5-foot-9, 120-pound teenage son of a mother and father with a granite-countertop business, he’d carried more than his share of stone into homes in and around Weatherly, a coal town in northeastern Pennsylvania. But even as a young boy, he’d struggled to lose his lanky frame.

Living The Sugar-High Life

One day when he was 5 years old, Zane passed out while playing T-Ball. A doctor told Zane’s parents that his blood sugar was low and that they needed to keep a ready supply of sugar on hand. From then on, Zane parents made sure he always had his “goodie bag” with him—a small brown paper bag filled with all kinds of sugary snacks. Zane was an active kid, and whenever he felt tired or woozy, he would reach into his bag and grab a snack.

Years passed, and Zane entered and then quickly dropped out of college. Unfocused and unmotivated, he stopped exercising. Even then, was never able to gain much weight. Always hovering from 120-130 pounds, Zane figured that if he was skinny, he must be healthy. But when he started eating entire cakes and half-gallons of ice cream at one sitting, he realized just how much his sugary diet was catching up with him. This time, he went to a different doctor, who noted that Zane had neither type 1 (the autoimmune disease) nor type 2 diabetes (the lifestyle disease). This doctor told him he needed to change his diet immediately. All Zane was doing by feeding on sugar all day was triggering an endless series of insulin spikes and blood sugar crashes. No wonder he was always tired and unfocused.

Eating And Training Like The Big Guys

The doctor gave Zane a list of the kinds of foods he should eat, and when Zane plugged them into a web browser to learn more, up popped

“I typed in things like chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, lean red meats, and low-fat dairy,” Zane says. “When the search brought up the site, I was so embarrassed that I closed the screen right away. I didn’t want anyone to see that I was looking at a site filled with pictures of super-fit people. Considering how skinny I was, they’d think I was having delusions! Even when I went home and started browsing through the Bodybuilding site, I still felt uncomfortable looking at it—like I had no right to be there.”


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